Thimble and Bodkin is available for both retail and wholesale buyers. If you wish to view and
purchase products from Thimble and Bodkin you will need to qualify for wholesale pricing. You may apply for wholesale pricing here .

Please complete form and send in Sales Tax License

EMAIL a scanned copy of your Sales Tax License to:mecca (at) thimbleandbodkin.com

Store Name
Contact Person
City, State Country
Website Address
Resale ID Tax Number

Purchase Minimums

The wholesale minimum for Thimble and Bodkin is $250 USD before shipping, no exceptions.

Thimble and Bodkin doesn’t generally offer exclusive rights to any vendor to sell TB products.
However, if the number of vendors offering TB products in one area is excessive, for example like,
for instance, two vendors in the same zip code, additional vendors would have their applications
placed on hold or denied.

Wholesale Returns
Retailers are responsible to alert the Thimble and Bodkin team within 5 business days of receipt of
goods of any issue. After which, the sale is considered final. Returns of undamaged goods will be
subject to a 15% restocking fee. Goods must be returned within 10 business days. Retailers is
responsible for return shipping of undamaged goods. Custom orders are not eligible for return.

Wholesale Shipping
Shipping of assorted items usually takes about 5-7 business days to US destinations and up to 20
working days for international destinations. We use USPS, UPS, or FedEx with tracking numbers for
shipments. Shipping charges are calculated by weight. Wholesale buyers have the option of
providing their UPS or Fedex account number to manage their costs.
For international deliveries, we are not responsible for customs or tracking after point of entry into