Biography of Ganesh Rao

Ganesh Rao (b. 1984, India) is an artist, director and musician based in College Station, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Science and Engineering Degree from Manipal University in 2006, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree at Texas A&M University. Over the past decade, Ganesh has worked with several visual, aural and digital mediums. He has directed and developed collaborative projects from concept to completion, such as Empyrean (2011), which is an independent music-video that he produced and directed for his own music. Ganesh focuses on combining artistic intuition and technology to create aesthetic and organic pieces like Typolution (2008), which generates slab-serif fonts by using genetic algorithm, and Synesthetic Guitar (2009), where the sound of a live performance on guitar controls the movement of a virtual brush. He also designs sounds, composes music for short-films and visual projects. Ganesh is currently directing Eden, a music video for the British progressive-metal band, TesseracT. He is also working on his second music album Forbidden Circle (2012), which will feature collaborators from USA, UK, France, Sweden, Serbia and Australia.