Controlling Chaos

A series of acrylic paintings

2014 September

Consciousness gives us the ability to alter our reality. In doing so we can control the chaos that is around and within us to some extent. We are continuously gathering information through our physical senses and perceptions that allow us to make vague predictions, plans and narratives for our current and future selves.

These paintings manifest from a similar impetus, in that these ideas are directed towards liquid paints with different pigments (colors). When the paints are spread out on the surface there is a small duration during which the paints appear to be alive, as they interact with one another, bleeding, flowing and stabilizing. There is a sense of unpredictability in their actions. And in that short duration, I attempt to control the chaos of the colors to create a textures, gestures and patterns.

Each painting is about 2”×2”, which is later scanned digitally at 4800 DPI and enlarged to roughly 50”×50”.