Lucid Rushi April 2013

Lucid Rushi is a performance that is performed from within deep sleep. The performer's body movements while inside a state of lucid dream drive the actions of a 3D digital puppet. This is achieved through an EEG setup that listens to the performer's brain activity and a webcam that tracks the movements of their eyes while they're asleep.

No matter who we are or what we do, we need sleep. What happens to us when we sleep isn't fully explained by science, but we've found that sleep is essential. Without sleep we tend to slowly lose our very self, our very identity. Thus I became interested in personal identity and sleep, more specifically the question: what happens to our identity when we're asleep. Do we, as an individual, persist within our non-perceptive, sleep-paralyzed bodies? Are we still the same person when our consciousness is under the spell of deep sleep? Is it possible to have a conversation from within sleep? These questions lead me to investigate the possibilities of communicating from within sleep, and Lucid Rushi is the first result that has risen from this line of thinking.

Photo Credit: Jessica Krannitz
  • 3D Model & Rig Junze Zhou
  • Puppet Posing Thomas Storey
  • EEG Setup Lou Tassinary