Sleepless November 2007

This piece is about a countdown to insomnia, greatly inspired by the students working in the VizLab. These sleep deprived students, high on caffiene work all-round the clock on their pixel-pretty CG animations. All in an effort to meet the industries' expectations and finally land a job in a big production house.

I walked into the lab on a busy night and decided to capture the mood. I shot a good friend of mine as he worked through the wee hours on a project that was due the next morning. The shoot happened impulsively, and I used a simple point-and-shoot camera that I carried in my backpack at the time. I relied on my instincts for the whole process and remained unobstrusive to my friend's working process.

The piece was entirely done with 100 still photographs, no videos were shot or used in the making. The numeric-forms that flash in-between are purposefully arranged found objects from the lab and were later used in creating sounds for the piece.

  • Director, Editor, Music Ganesh Rao
  • Model Robert Graf
  • Production Equipment Dept. of Visualization
    Texas A&M University