Eden October 2011

The unnatural habits we find ourselves hard to break away from, and our weakness to control its effects. Desensitized to its harshness, we carry on with our artificial lives. We can sense that our only Eden is dying, but we're too tied up in self indulgence to try and save it.

"Eden" is a music video that I directed for the British progressive metal band TesseracT. The video was produced by Escape Plan Productions and was filmed at College Station in Texas. Here's an official witeup about the video from the band's record label Century Media.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video from Escape Plan Productions below.

  • ProducersEscape Plan Production
    Century Media Records
  • Director & Compositing Ganesh Rao
  • DoP, Editor Jonny Greenwald
  • Cast Jessica Bell, Brittany Hardin, Ruben Gonzales, Brandon Jarratt, Christian Haile
  • Makeup Shelia Robinson
  • Set Assistant Carlton Lee
  • Production Equipment Dept. of Visualization
    Texas A&M